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Multi-Farm Garlic Grower Project How-To-Booklet

2002 Multi-farm Garlic Grower Project How-To Booklet

Garlic consumption in the United States has been increasing over the last several years and garlic represents an excellent “high-value” crop for growers and an excellent opportunity for value-added. With small farms, the planting and harvesting of garlic is very labor intensive and often farmers cannot grow enough garlic to market efficiently due to labor constraints.

Catalpa Ridge Farm developed a program to network with other farmers via share cropping to alleviate the labor problem. With help from extension, we worked with local community groups to incorporate garlic braids to supply value added marketing of the garlic grown and harvested by these farmers. We proposed to also form a Garlic Support/ Discussion Group of local farmers and growers of garlic to share knowledge, varieties, problems, cultural methods, etc. This will help growers avoid the pitfalls of working in isolation.

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